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- Maximum sizes (length, width, height), the number and weight of each piece is determined by the rules of particular airline. Typically, the size of one piece of luggage must not exceed 160 cm, weight - 30 kg.

- If the weight of your baggage exceeds the free baggage, then excess luggage must be pre-booked and paid for in accordance with the tariff rates for each kilogram of body weight. Excess baggage will be transferred only with the technical possibilities.

- The indicated standards are not applied to:
- Outsized baggage;
- Large equipment for skiing, golf, water sports;

- Domestic animals and birds, with the exception of guide dogs;
- Flowers, plants, food greens, weighing more than 5 kg.

Transportation of the above items must be declared in advance.

If you lost your luggage:

  • Iimmediately contact the airlines office, but if you are in a country where there is no representation of your airline, then go to the office of the company that is the national carrier of the country. Airline offices are working around the clock at the airports;
  •  In the office you will be asked for a ticket with a glued baggage coupon and asked in detail about the color, size and shape of your bag. Draw up a statement of the loss and begin the search. 
  •   Make it easy to search for special baggage tags that most airlines gives passengers before check-in. Usually written on labels, name and name of the owner of luggage, his home address or telephone number;

If the baggage is ruined:

Contact the representitive of the airport.Either you will be given money to buy a new suitcase, or - for repair corrupted.

If the baggage is mixed up:

You should immediatly contact the represetitives of the airport. Please bring the wrong suitcase with yourself. You should tell them your phone number and address so that they could contact you when they will find your suitcase.


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