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What you shouldn't do on the plane

Useful Tips

What you shouldn't do on the plane

You shouldn't help stewardess with hot drinks. It may cause burn injury of yourself and other passagers.

The most dangerous places are near the aisle, underneath the luggage box. Please, try not to place there children, because if the plane will "flunk" into the air bump, things that possible can slide out the luggage boxes can cause seriuos damages.

While you travel by plane it is recommended not to wear shoes on high heels. If you would have to use the emergency inflatable escape chute, this kind of shoes can pierce rubber trimming or hurt other passangers.

If the plan is in the crash situation and steward explains the behaivor rules on the plane or the evacuation plan, try to listen it to the end and only later ask questions.

Attention! These rules can vary. Specify the important paragraphs before the trip or before you buy the ticket.

Smoking in the plane

To create good conditions for the passanger's and children's health all airlines are regarded as non- smoking. According to the plane regulations smoking is forbidden.


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