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Memo for the bus travel

Useful Tips

Memo for the bus travel

This memo contains all the important rules and information, that will help to evade all the difficulties during the travelling.

Bus tour is the most interesting type of tourism. During one trip you can cross several borders of other countries. You can visit several towns and cities, than come back and compare them. To make you feel more comfortable and enjoy your trip we created the memo of useful tips for you.

Bus tours are specific: one of the important features that can influence the tour is the weather, traffic jams and road congestions, situations at the border. That is why we recommend you to stay calm, maybe take some good book or a magazine or a good video with you. During the trip the bus stops every 4-5 hours for technical purpose. The accompanying person is not guide or the interpreter, he/she just helps you to cross the border, to settle in the hotel, provides the meeting with the guide. The correct time of the departure from the cities, excursions, breakfast, additional program announces the team leader. This time is OBLIGATORY. If the tourist is late, the bus waits for 15 minutes and than heads on the direction. Those who were late go to the next point and pay for it by themselves. You can use the excursion services of both local guides and our co-workers that have big experience. Walk in the city or town is not considered as a sightseeing excursion. The free time is given to see the places of interest. To feel the amosphere of the city you should discover it by yourself, also.

If you are 70 or you are overweight (cloth size is more than 56), if you are tall ( more than 195 sm), than you should be ready for some discomfort on the bus.  It is recommended not to take children with the age under 5 with yourself.

Attention! Dear ladies and gentlement! According to the situation of the illegal migration, we ask you to take into account, that the information about such tourists we immediatly give to the police and Embassy.

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