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Recommendations for tourist during bus travel

Useful Tips

Recommendations for tourist during bus travel

1. Please, do not smoke in the bus and take care of the bus equipment.

2.  Rubbish put into the individual bags.

3. Avoid walking in the cabin of the bus while driving.

4. Unfortunately, the toilets on the buses have a limited capacity (about 20 liters), so they are for emergencies, because on highways it is not always possible to stop immediately. In winter, the toilet can only work at zero temperature. Please use the toilets at the parking lot. Include in the budget travel about € 10 for the toilet on the road. 

5. In the toilet throw pape and  packages into the trash and not into the toilet.
6. It is strictly forbidden to get up down the toilet.
7. Shelf above the seats are for clothing, pillows, blankets and washing supplies.

8. Use hot water only with the permission of the head of a group at a certain time (2 times a day). Because the capacity is limited to boiling water (about 5 liters), we recommend to take a thermos and fill it out periodically in cafes and hotels.
9. It is strictly forbidden to put the bags in the aisles.

10. Please keep quiet on the bus after 22 p.m.
11. On the border going out  the bus is strictly prohibited!
12. Drinking alcohol and smoking is strictly prohibited in the bus!

13. To relieve muscle tension, you  should exercise time to time.

Please note that the bus stops in accordance with the rules of the road. In large cities, there are pedestrian areas where vehicular traffic is prohibited.

In European countries, the rules of conduct may differ slightly from those in Ukraine, for example, you could be fined for an abandoned trash (butt), smoking, or for crossing the road in the wrong place.
Tourists who have violated the rules of conduct on the bus are landed without compensation of permit cost.

What you should take with yourself?

In your luggage shoud be a small pillow, blanket and comfortable shoes and umbrella for changeable weather. It is better to place the luggage into several bags: food with the things that you will need in the bus, and with the things you will need at the hotel. Of products are best taken dry soups, vegetables, fruit, bread sliced ​​cheese and meat products in vacuum packing, tea and coffee, packed in bags, refined sugar. It is necessary to have houseware with yourself. On the trip is very convenient to carry alcohol moist wipes and individual first aid kit. When visiting the aqua park you must have swimwear, on tour at  the seait it is desirable to have sunglasses and a hat for protection from the sun.

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