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Obligations of the passenger

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Passengers are prohibited from:
- To transport luggage and carry-on luggage, including explosive, flammable, corrosive, oxidizing, corrosive, radioactive, toxic, poisonous (toxic), ozone, drugs, psychotropic substances and malodorous, acute or sharp objects (without packaging or covers, exclusive of the injury and damage to passengers), firearm without a permit and its wearing a holster (holster), as well as other objects and substances during transportation may cause harm to passengers or crew, or cause damage or contamination of the vehicle, luggage (baggage).  Will not be accepted items such as fragile items, money, jewelery, precious metals, stones and their products, securities and commercial papers, keys, passports and identity, similar items. Baggage shall be taken only in proper sealed package;
- Distract the driver from the vehicle in the process of driving;
- Place the carry-on
in the vehicles in the aisles and in the entrance area (outputs);
-  To open the door, prevent their opening or closing, interfere with vehicle control;
- To use the emergency equipment of the vehicle in a situation that is not life and health-threatening;
- Throw objects into the window of the vehicle;
- To damage the vehicle and its equipment (equipment);
- Litter the interior of the vehicle;
- Carry a dog (except large breeds) and other animal not in a cage, box, bag or waterproof bag with absorbent bottom;
- Carry a dog, cat and other wild animal without  the registration certificate with the mark of a veterinary rabies vaccination, and large breeds (where permitted), without a muzzle and on a short leash;
- Carry a potentially dangerous dog breeds;
- Carry a sick animal, that can cause inconvenience to passengers or can arise a  risk of infection;
- Be in a disease state or in a strong degree of intoxication, which can create a nuisance to other passengers;
- Smoke in the cabin of the vehicle;
- Do not leave unattended valuables (cameras, video and audio equipment, money, etc.), the company is not responsible for their safety;

Passengers are obliged to:
- Wait for the vehicle at the landing platform, and in its absence - on the sidewalk;
- Go out into the street when landing with the landing pad or sidewalk is not possible until the vehicle stops;
- Comply with the rules of crossing the state border;


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