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Regulations for travelling by train

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Regulations for travelling by train

 1. When traveling in remote and local trains, passengers are required to keep public order and regulations of the railway transport.
2. Railway staff must be courteous and helpful to the passengers, take measures to improve the service.

For this purpose, the handler is required:

2.1 Giver a set fee for bedding and pick them up from the passenger no earlier than 30 minutes before arriving at the destination station. Make the bed for passengers with small children, the sick and the elderly.
2.2. Provide storage for travel documents of passengers in transit and return them no later than 30 minutes before the train's arrival at the destination station.
2.3. Warn passengers no later than 30 minutes on the approach of the destination or a transplant.
2.4. in cabins with beds provide passengers with tea for a nominal fee at least three times a day (from 8.00 to 10.00 and from 15.00 to 17.00, from 20.00 to 22.00 local time).
2.5. produce timely and high-quality  cabin cleaning, toilets, garbage bins
2.6. keep open  two toilets in
the train.
on demand provide the passenger with belts by an overhead protection from falling.

3. Passengers are entitled:

3.1. go
to the better cabin if there is free space, paying the difference in fare
3.3. Deadheading one child under the age of 5 years without occupying a separate seat. With the children from 5 to 10 years buy children's tickets.
3.4. Deadheading hand luggage weighing up to 36 kg in specially designated areas. Concern for safe and hand luggage is the responsibility of the passenger
3.5. the right to engage a locker the passenger occupying the bottom shelf
3.6. carry for a set fee for the TV or radio (not more than one per ticket) for the passenger in the cabin with beds

4.While traveling in the train the passanger is prohibited from

4.1. pass without a travel document
4.2. pass on the pegs and the roofs of cars, land on the moving train
4.3. hand luggage, which can damage or contaminate the cabin or things of other passengers, such as a loaded gun, offensive, flammable, toxic, explosive or other dangerous substances
4.4. to be drunk at planting and during the journey, breaking the rules of travel and public order, drink alcohol, gambling, disturb other passengers calm. Passenger who has made these violations are denied of the  transportation with the appropriate mark on the ticket. In these cases, the fare and baggage transportation are not returned
4.5.  to stop the train stop-cock
without the need
4.6. travel in the vestibule and on the transition areas
4.7. smoke in the non- designated locations. Smoking in the cabins is permitted only in the vestibule
4.8. throw the
litter and other items from the windows and doors of the cabins,  use the toilet in the cabins at the stations
4.9. use mattresses, pillows without bedding, damage equipment, bedding, glass . In case of loss, damage of equipment the passenger must pay the cost of damaged items.

5.  Subject of administrative liability:

5.1.  stowaway passengers
5.2. children of the aged from 5 to 10 years without a ticketr

5.3. violation of transportation of flammable, poisonous, explosive and toxic substances and items shall entail a warning or a fine in accordance with established procedure
5.4.  unauthorized unnecessarily
train stop. At the same time, if these actions have resulted in accidents with people, crash, damage rolling stock or other heavy consequences, investigates as  criminal responsibility
5.5. for getting on and off the moving train, travel on the pegs and the roofs of the cabins
equipment damaget
5.7. Smoking in the cabins in the unspecified place, throwing garbage and other objects out of the windows and doors of cars

6. Enforcement of the regulations is assigned to Railway Administration.

The inforamtion about the additonal train services give the conductor and the train chief.

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