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Hotel Policies:

1. In the hotels you should keep quiet, clean, do not leave food waste, bottles and cans.
2. It should be borne in mind that the check-in time in most European hotels - 12.00 am, regardless of the time of arrival.
3. If you use the in-room mini-bar, telephone, video channel, do not forget to pay for services at the reception (optional ask which services require payment and at which are free).
5. Many hotels in the autumn-winter season set the desirable temperature in the room by the thermostat with a special heat sinks. When in the room occur problems you can ask for help in the hotel administration. Many hotels have Russian speaking staff.
6. It is strictly forbidden to make food buffet, otherwise heavy fines are imposed.
7. For breakfast, come to the appointed time on your own.
8. Most hotels arer allowed to make food, and take the room towels to the beach and the pool.
9. Before taking brochures, postcards, etc., on the bench in a hotel, find out the cost.
10. Hotel Administration is not responsible for the loss of valuables, money and documents, posted in the room.
11. Hand over your money and valuables in the safe storage of a porter in a sealed envelope with your signature.
12. Search of forgotten things is at your own expense.
13. Just check where are the emergency exits in the hotel (usually in the building all the schemes of the emergency exits and escape routes are located in each room and in all public places.)
14. The internal rules of the hotel are also binding.

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