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Memo for tourists travelling in Georgia

Useful Tips

If you are going to travel abroad, primarily:

- Check the validity of your passport and the presence of a stamp and visas, permitting the travel from your country and entry to Georgia, write down its  number, date and place of issue, or make a copy;
- Bring other documents that can prove your identity in case of loss (theft) of the passport, and 2-3 photos;
- Make sure that you have the necessary amount of money, a return ticket, proof of insurance and other documents that will help you easily return to Ukraine;
- Specify the address of the company (the company), sending (the host) you in Georgia.

In the case, during your stay in Georgia, you were in trouble, and you don't know local laws, and you need the law consultation, go to the nearest embassy. In case of your arrest, deportation you should insist on giving this information to the consul. In the case of document loss or money loss go to the nearest police department.

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