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Rules of personal and property safety

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Rules of personal and property safety

  • Respects the secular and the religious traditions of Georgia. Save the environment, and care for the monuments of nature, history and culture.
  • Take all the medicines that are essential for you. It can be painkillers, allergy remedies and temperature, poisoning and other ailments, sunblock and sunburn remedies. Remember that the simplest means of self-help can be a lot more expensive abroad, and many of you could not buy it without a prescription of the local doctor.
  • Remember that you should always consider the time of the year and the conditions of the climatic zone where you intend to rest. Prolonged exposure to the sun can not only be harmful, but dangerous. If you suffer from heart disease or have high blood pressure - reduce the time spent on the beach.
  • Being in the woods or in the mountains, as well as in open water is always fraught with risks. Do not walk through the woods barefoot and without headgear. Do not rpick up the unfamiliar plants for you,and in any case, do not use them for food. Beware of wild animals, do not feed them.
  •  Please do not through the trash while you're on the streets of the cities you visit.
  • Use a taxi, avoid private carriers. If you rent the car, remember that in most countries it is obligatory to have the international driver's license and credit card. You must know the rules on the road in the host country. If you park you should do that only in the specially designated areas. Do not leave any items in the car, lock the doors, even for a short time.
  • Being in the big cities, be aware of the possibility of terrorist attacks, vandalism and banditry. Do not walk in the questionable areas. Do not leave your belongings unattended, do not exchange currency from the street traders, avoid dark and deserted streets and alleys, avoid involvement in street gambling and lotteries. Learn phones for emergencies - police, ambulance, Ukrainian diplomatic missions (embassies, consulates).
  • Study your insurance policy. Remember that your medical insurance covers only injuries and sudden illnesses that are not of a chronic nature. If you experience worsening of chronic diseases in the trip - health insurance in this case, can not help. The cost of treatment abroad you have to pay yourself.
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