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Customs regulations

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Customs regulations

When entering and exitting Georgia obligatory should be declared:
• Various jewelry, precious metals, gems, antiques, cultural values
- icons, paintings and sculptures. For their import and export must be obtained a special permit from the Ministry of Culture.
• Weapons of any type, bullets, ammunition, flammable liquids, psychotropic drugs, toxic and radioactive substances, high-frequency radio and electrical appliances, communication devices.
• Cash in the amount of more than 25 000 GEL (~ $ 14,000) and securities.
Customs declarations may be filled in Georgian, English and Russian.

Customs regulations applicable at the entry into the country.
The import of foreign currency on the territory of Georgia is not limited, national - not more than 25 000 GEL. When importing GEL
into the country, exceeding that limit, you must have documents showing the origin of the currency.
Duty-free import stated in the customs declaration
of jewelry items and goods in an amount that does not exceed the needs of personal use, as well as:
• The import of food worth 500 GEL (~ $ 280), weighing up to 30kg,
• personal items that do not exceed a weight of 100 kg.
• 200 cigarettes
• up to 2 liters
of any alcoholic beverage, including wine or 10 liters. beer
It is forbidden to bring alcoholic beverages and cigarettes persons under the age of 18.

The import of these items and substances is forbidden:
• weapons and explosives (gunpowder, fireworks, flares, etc.)
• flammable substances (solvents, paints, lighter, etc.)
• solid and liquid chemicals,
• drug
• literature defaming the state system,
• all types of pornography, as well as some types of video.

Customs regulations applicable at the exit from the country.
The export of previously imported foreign currency during the year from the date of entry, national - not more than 3 000 GEL.
The export of wine and other alcoholic beverages is permitted only in
the sealed original package.
Free export of jewelery, declared upon entering the country.
The export of items of historical and cultural value, as well as those mentioned above, are prohibited for import of items recognized in
the international practice as "dangerous."
We remind that in your hand luggage for air travel can not be taken the following items:
• The above items which
are prohibited in the international practice,
• firearms
• any piercing and cutting items, knives, scissors, manicure equipment, nail files, knives, swords, corkscrews, etc.
• perfumes, shampoo, deodorant, hair spray, toothpaste, cosmetic substances
• any liquid.

Be careful! When crossing the border you should refrain from carrying out the requests of random people to take through the security checkpoint wrong things under the pretext of excess baggage, etc., and not to take, including a fee for the transfer of strangers letters, parcels, luggage and other items that can be used as hiding places for illegal movement of drugs, explosives, toxic substances and bacteria dangerous diseases.
For further information about customs regulations
of Georgia you can contact the customs service or call:
(+995 32) 800 111 (Hotline Customs Department).

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