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If the insurance event took place

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If the insurance event took place

What should you do in the foreign country when the insurance event take place?

Suppose at all of a sudden you have a fever and need the urgent medical help. In your insurance policy you find the phone you want to call (this is the phone of the assisting company). The dispatcher asks the number of your insurance policy, your name, your address where you stay and what happened to you. After that, you tell the telephone number from which you are calling and wait for the doctor.
It happens t
hat it is very difficult to set the preliminary diagnosis, or you need the immediate medical help by phone - in this case, you will talk to the admitting physician of the assisting company. According to the above symptoms he will determine to what doctor you should be sent.

After receiving the required medical services you sign the bill, which will then be sent to the insurance company for payment. However, you pay no money by yourself! The only thing for which you might have to pay is a phone call. But the insurer will reimburse these costs if you provide on the arrival of the hotel the settled phone bill.

If you go to the doctor by yourself. In this case it is necessary to gather all the documents with details of the diagnosis and the paid amount. When you go back to Ukraine, you should submit all of these documents to the insurance company and within a few weeks you will be reimbursed the expenses incurred.
A more serious situation
is when a person gets to a hospital in the foreign country. Then you must call the Assistance Company! Only in this case, you will be guaranteed of the placement in a good hospital, good care, monitoring of treatment.

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