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Rules of conduct in temples and monasteries!

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Rules of conduct in temples and monasteries!

Before you enter the temple, the men should take off the headdress, women - wear a headscarf.
Clothing should be decent and accurate. Women should
wear a headscarf, long sleeves and skirt. Men should not be wearing shorts. It is not welcome to wear bright makeup, and if a woman wants to venerate the icon, she must erase lipstick.
On the territory of churches
are forbidden: smoking, drinking alcohol, spit and litter, noise, picnic, walk with the animals. Enter the residential and business premises of the monastery is prohibited.
In the church one can not talk loudly, scream, hold hands in pockets, chewe the gum.
It is better to turn off the mobile phone before you come into the church.
If you have children, do not let them run around . If a small child began to cry, try to calm
him/her down or get out of the temple.

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