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The name "balneotherapy" comes from the Latin balneum - bath, bathing, and Greek therapeia - treatment. What lies behind the two words of ancient languages, turned into one - the language of contemporary?  One of the most popular SPA-procedures: treatment by mineral waters.

History of balneotherapy
It is not known who first got the idea to use a beating from the earth for healing mineral springs. Impossible even to call the country where it first occurred. I think many people at the same time realized that in the mineral water is hidden a great healing power. And learned how to use it for their own benefit: not only for bathing, but also for treatment.
First described the therapeutic qualities the Egyptians and Babylonians. In ancient papyrus and clay tablets are stories about the properties of water. In the era of the Roman Empire procedure using water from mineral and hot springs have been popular almost more than today. The Romans knew a good judge of body care. The Roman physician Galen recommended sulfur baths for everyone to find a healthy radiant skin. Until now, the tourists in different parts of Europe show the remains of Roman baths - balneums, prototypes of modern SPA-salons.
From the ancient world knowledge about the healing power of water moved into the world of the Renaissance. Gradually around the mineral springs have become resorts sprout: Vichy, Carlsbad, Wiesbaden, Baden-Baden. About stay "on the waters' enthusiastically wrote Victor Hugo, Belinsky, Dostoevsky, Bismarck, Nietzsche. And how many love stories appeared thanks to "hydrotherapy"!
Years passed before an intuitive understanding of human use of mineral water has become a confidence in its curative properties, and then in the scientific and proven method of treatment.

The action of balneotherapy
That especially in these mineral waters? And what does it do this - mineral water? ..
Mineral called water formed deep underground at high temperatures and pressures.From rocks, they acquire special properties (eg, radioactivity) and are fed mineral or organic components, gases (radon, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide) and salt. The result - the underground water may have a therapeutic effect on the human body.
Often on the surface of the mineral water comes in the form of sources. Around them-and spa resorts are being built. According to distinguish between water temperature, cold (below 20°C), warm (21-35°C) and hot (above 35°C).
Once languid ladies of high society love to go "on water" to treat his shattered nerves.Since then, the change is not so much. As in ancient times to the mineral springs are sent when the problems with the nervous system. However, those of their healing power is not limited. Mineral water used in balneotherapy, enhances the protective-restorative powers. This means that they strengthen the immune system, normalizes metabolism. Often prescribed balneotherapy for rehabilitation after illness or surgery: myocardial infarction, operations on blood vessels, heart valves, the stomach.
When you are immersed in a mineral bath, your body is exposed to several types of effects: temperature, chemical composition of water and hydrostatic pressure. In addition to water, in the battle for your health and take more gas allocated to it. It sounds, perhaps frightening, but in practice they have many benefits: irritating nerve receptors, gases (radon, nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen) and salts penetrate the skin, mucous membranes and respiratory tract into the blood.
In balneotherapy applied natural mineral water (extracted directly from the source) or water, prepared artificially. First, it is not difficult to guess, more useful.
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