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Program "Healthy Woman"

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 Program "Healthy Woman"
 (treatment of infertility and other gynecological diseases)
Program advisor: Chief Physician of JSC Balneoservice Zhorzholiani Mzia Shotaevna.
Duration of treatment: 14 and 21 days.
Indications: Inflammatory diseases - metroendometritis, adnexitis, adhesive processes; endocrine disorders and diseases - menstrual disorders, obesity, hypertensive syndrome, cystic degeneration. Climacteric neurosis.
Examination: complete blood cell count, blood sugar, clinical urine analysis, microreaction, fluorography of chest organs, ECG, tests for infection, sexually transmitted diseases, sex hormones (LH, FSH, prolactin), consultation of endocrinologist.
* Patient must be examined in the place of residence and have all the data with himself.
Program of treatment:
- appointment and supervision of gynecologist constantly
- therapeutic gymnastics (gynecological complex)
- therapy tank
- fangotherapy
- vaginal procedures (gynecological irrigation by mineral water)
- gynecological massage
Contraindications and limitations: Contraindications and limitations to the sanatorium-resort therapy are set by the attending physician in the place of residence. The attending physician of JSC Balneoservice has the right to adjust the regime, the number of procedures and diets.
Expected effect:
- the outcome of treatment depends on the severity and duration of disease, with inflammatory diseases of pregnancy - from 30 to 40%
- with endocrine infertility: pregnancy from 15 to 25%
- reduction of clinical symptoms of inflammatory gynecological diseases from 70 to 90%
- improvement of health - up to 95%
Additional Information: initial examination for sanatorium-resort therapy must be taken in the place of residence; physician of JSC Balneoservice can consult you by phone or e-mail before and after treatment.
Prices for the program are based on the type and quantity of the treatiment procedures. In turn, the type and quantity of treatment procedures depends on the individual circumstances of the patient's age, accompanying diseases, and specific course of his disease.
The average cost of one day of complex treatment (3-4 different treatmentprocedures per day from 15 available) for one person - is on average of 40 lari ($ 25).
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