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Additional excursion to the Dolphinarium

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Additional excursion to the Dolphinarium

Additional excursion to the Dolphinarium Additional excursion to the Dolphinarium Additional excursion to the Dolphinarium Additional excursion to the Dolphinarium Additional excursion to the Dolphinarium

Day 1: Dolphinarium - for visitors of Kobuleti and Ureki
Visit of the famous Batumi Dolphinarium.
Batumi Dolphinarium was opened in 1975. At that time it was the first exponential Dolphinarium in the former Soviet Union. It used to be one of the largest dolphinariums of the world. Dolphinarium, along with other attractions, made the city and the region more attractive to tourists. Because of its popularity a dolphin has become a symbol of the city. In the early 90's due to the difficulties caused by the political and economic situation in the country the Dolphinarium stopped working. After a 20-year pause was built completely new dolphinarium and it was opened in 2011.
Dolphinarium amphitheater is divided into 4 sectors and consists of 703 seats. Infrastructure allows us to serve people with disabilities, using wheelchairs and lifts.
Batumi Dolphinarium offers new interactive show. It includes about 30 performances: three dances, games with rings and balls, which dolphins balance on their tails, an unforgettable Foot Push and many other old and new amazing tricks. There is also a surprise for the guests - the most active will have the opportunity to try himself as a dolphin trainer. Demonstration program with dolphins is an educational presentation with show elements that are held in all weather conditions. The show, which is attended by eight dolphins are in three languages (Georgian, English and Russian).

Price includes:   entrance tickets and transport service (according to the chosen program)
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