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Winery Shumi

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Winery Shumi
The wine company Shumi (WCS) is one of the leaders in the productions of the high-quality Georgian wines. The word Shumi in the company’s name comes from ancient Georgian, in which it meant genuine, pure, undiluted wine. It is from those time that this word was used to refer to wine in its purest form.The gryphon, which became WCS’s symbol, is believed to have brought the very first bunch of grape to the earth. It is from the grape that people started cultivating vineyards all over the world.
WCS’s winery is located in Tsinandali - the center of Georgian viticulture and winemaking. The territory of the factory is a former part of the National Park and the Museum belonging to the famous Georgian poet and public leader of XIX century, founder of the first winery in Georgia, Prince Alexandre Chavchavadze.
The main advantage of the wine company "Schumi" - is a full cycle of the so-called "closed cycle", comprising all stages - from grape growing and harvesting to bottling the finished wine in the brand bottle and the implementation of its famous department stores, with impeccable reputation.
In 2005, for the first time in Georgia by Schumi in its vineyards was implemented the method of "green harvest", ie by artificially lowering the yield of obtaining the best qualities of the grape.
 The company owns such a unique vineyards as "Nadarbazevi," "Valley of the Roses," "Didkure", "Nadolobari", "Khorkheli" etc.

 For the first time in Georgia, the company established a museum of Vine and Wine - "Vazioni." The museum consists of the collection of the vineyard and tasting rooms of the exhibition and the ethnographic department. Specialists of "Schumi" gathered in the museum 294 unique local Georgian and 92 foreign varieties of grapes. In the Collector's Hall are presented the discovered on the territory of Georgia ancient accessories for wine making: wine winepress, clay "kvevri" (jugs).

Winery Shumi Winery Shumi Winery Shumi Winery Shumi
Winery Shumi Winery Shumi Winery Shumi Winery Shumi

Winery Shumi

Winery Shumi
Winery Shumi
Winery Shumi

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