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Winery "Badagoni"

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Winery "Badagoni"
Winery "Badagoni" Winery "Badagoni" Winery "Badagoni" Winery "Badagoni" Winery "Badagoni"
Badagoni Wine Company was founded in 2002 in Georgia's principal winegrowing region - Kakheti, namely village Zemo Khodashenas.Throughout its existence, the company enjoyed outstanding success with the range of site- specific local brands that are amongst the best of Georgia. At Badagoni we believe that the magic of of the fertile land of " the garden provice of Kakheti" as Alexander Dumas, famous french writer used to call it , coupled with fine winemaking technique is a dazzling combination. Traditional Georgian grape varities are little known in the West. Consequently, our goal is to create beautifully balanced wines that reveal the nuances of our proud heritage and the company's forward thinking philosophy. Georgian wines, like any good ones in the world , have their own stories to tell and it is our greatest ambition to be able to translate them into a language that will be comprehensible to the wine lovers around the world.
The main component of wine Cinandali, namely variety Rkatsitelli, is grown on the fertile soils of the vineyards microzones Cinandali. Exquisite grapes of Mtsvane comes from vineyards grown on the slopes of Gombori. The fruit is harvested at full maturity by hand, before dawn, separated from the branches and pressed into stainless steel containers for fermentation in a cool environment with controlled temperature. This is a great wine - elegant, sophisticated and perfect bouquet with a mild flavor produces dry red, white and sparkling wines, as well as renowned cognac "Eneseli" from grape varieties: Rkatsitelli, Mtsvane and Saperavi.
Situated against the backdrop of the Caucausus mountains, Alaverdi Monastery is truly the heart and the soul of Kakheti and the whole Georgia. This imposing Orthodox Christian marvel in the river Alazani valley was the center of enlightment with centuries long winemaking traditions.
Winemaking was the essential element of the Georgian monks' regimen and during the frequent invasions the winemaking tradition was carried on in the monasteries. Not long time ago, Georgian archeologists digging at the site of the Alaverdi monastery unearthed a massive wine cellar containing more then forty kvevris, the remnants of the Monastery's glorious winemaking past. With our help the local monks at Alaverdi started to make a very special Monastic wine again. In their able hands the ancient Georgian tradition of making wine in kvevris is well anchored for they treat it like a treasured gift from their ancestors.
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