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Brewery "Natakhtari"

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Brewery «Natakhtari»

Brewery "Natakhtari" Brewery "Natakhtari" Brewery "Natakhtari" Brewery "Natakhtari" Brewery "Natakhtari"

JSC Lomisi was founded in 1991 and the construction of a small brewery began in v.Akhalgori, on Ksani riverside. Later in September 2005, JSC Lomisi attracted unprecedented investments of TBC bank and EBRD and a new brewery Natakhtari was built. A factory equipped with state-of-art technologies. Efes Breweries International (EBI) got interested by brewery activities in 2008; it acquired 100% of the company.  EBI is one of the largest beer producers in the world. Management pays lot of attention to the implementation of international standards and quality management. Investments are made for production lines and acquisition of latest laboratory equipment.

Fully modernized laboratory is a guarantee of product microbiological and hygienic protection.
Brewery occupies more than 65% of Georgian beer market. Company offers consumers six brands (Natakhtari, Karva, Mtieli, Kaizer, Efes and Miller) and two sub brands (Natakhtari Kasris and Natakhtari Extra) of beer and seven sorts of soft drink.
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