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Cognac Plant Sarajishvili

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Cognac factory Sarajishvili

Cognac Plant Sarajishvili Cognac Plant Sarajishvili Cognac Plant Sarajishvili Cognac Plant Sarajishvili Cognac Plant Sarajishvili

Joint Stock Company "Sarajishvili" is the oldest and largest manufacturer of Georgian cognac and successor of the firm of David Sarajishvili plant - the founder of the industrial production of cognac on the classical technology. After receiving a special education in France on the technology of cognac production, in 1884, he, in Tbilisi, has created his own company, founded the first special cognac plant and gave rise to the creation of a unique fund of high quality cognac, which in alcohol cellars of the plant is carefully preserved to this day.
David Sarajishvili attracted to his company scientists of all industries related to the production of cognac. Under his leadership, were carefully studied soils of different regions of Georgia, a special micro-zones were identified and selected specific varieties of grapes that give high-quality brandy stock. There were also selected the best varieties of Georgian oak, from which were prepared barrels for aging cognac.
For years of existence of the Tbilisi Cognac factory it collected 500,000 deciliters perennial cognac alcohols and blended cognacs that were aged in the 16 thousand oak barrels.
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