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Twins "Old Cellar"

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Twins "Old Cellar"
The old wine cellar restored by the twins brothers Gia and Gela Gamtkitsulashvili is located in the historic village of Napareuli, Kakheti region under the slopes of Caucasus mountains, where river Lopota joins river Alazani. The area of “Marani” includes closed-type wine cellar, cellar to make wine old, shop for pouring the wine out, opened-type cellar, “Zavodi”- to make vodka and the hotel.”Saperavi”, “Rkatsiteli” and “Kakhuri Mtsvane” bread vines are grown in the territory of “Marani”. The wine cellar is equipped with 1.5-4 ton 90 pitchers.
Based on family traditions, in “Marani” the wine is made according to kakhetian methods- in clay vessels, which gives the wine special, gentle taste and aroma. The wine has natural filtering and it is not chemically processed.
Twins “Old Cellar” offers the guests wine tour, which continues during the year. You can see: open and closed type wine cellars, vodka making “Zavodi”, tasting the wine( opening the pitcher in case of desire), traditional kakhetian feast with “Tamada”-toast-maker and singers of Georgian folk songs . You can participate in vintage called “Rtveli”, pressing the grapes, baking the bread in thone , making khinkali, tatara and churchxela.
Wine tasting:
  • 4 kinds of wine: “Kakhuri”-qvevri (white), “Europian” (white), “Saperavi” and “Kaberne”.
  • 2 kinds of vodka: “ Chacha” ( white)- is made in “Zavodi” in the territory of cellar; “Chacha” (coloured)- white vodka gets old in barrels for 2 years.
Seasonal offering: 
  •  Participation in vineyard operations (cutting,repairs)- December-June
  •  Participation in pressing the grapes out- September-October.
Twins "Old Cellar"
Twins "Old Cellar"
Twins "Old Cellar"
Twins "Old Cellar"
Twins "Old Cellar" Twins "Old Cellar" Twins "Old Cellar" Twins "Old Cellar"
Twins "Old Cellar" Twins "Old Cellar" Twins "Old Cellar" Twins "Old Cellar"
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