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Rules of Wine Tasting

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Rules of Wine Tasting

Rules of Wine Tasting Rules of Wine Tasting Rules of Wine Tasting Rules of Wine Tasting Rules of Wine Tasting

The tradition of wine production in the European way "Teliani Valley" goes back to the late nineteenth century. The first winemaker was a Frenchman Antoine Maussane, who made in Georgia a method of wine manufacturing of a European-style from local grapes. He also was the initiator of cultivation in Georgia of various French grape varieties.
Guest, who visited Marani "Teliani Valley", has the opportunity try different wines. A professional sommelier will explain the rules of wine testing. Wine tasting glass is long on the high leg, is oval in shape and filled with wine on a third. The glass with wine should be kept by the leg, not of the lower part of the bowl, so that you could not heat the wine with the warmth of your hand. During the degustation the temperature of the wine is very important, which directly depends on its type: white and dry light wines are checked at 12-14 degrees, white and dry wines at 14-16, red light wines at 16-18 and red wines at 17-20 degrees. Wine should be brought to the proper temperature before several hours before tasting. In case of wrong temperature during the tasting the organs of taste do not properly perceive the flavor of wine and substances that create the fragrance.
The next stage after tasting - is the evaluation of color and transparency of the wine. This must necessarily take place on a white background. First you have to look across the glass and then tilt it and view it from the top. Wine should be clear, the tone of its color and intensity point us to the age of wine and its origin. Young white wine has a light yellow and greenish color. In due course it becomes golden and darkens which is a sign of old age. Young red wine is of intense red color, rolling into the purple-red. With the addition of age wine is filled with brown tones, which is caused by tannin of wine. If the wine has no red lights, it is already "dead". The intensity of the color indicates how mature the grapes were in marc: the more intense the color, of the more good taste will be the wine. If wine is cloudy, it is a sign that it contains undesirable colloidal substances.
Next, is the evaluation of wine aroma. During circular movements of degustation glass better stand out vaporizable and aromatic substances, which gives us the opportunity to become better acquainted with the wine. To determine the level of maturation of wine in barrels watch over the empty glass. In order to better perceive the wine aroma, you should gently inhale the smell of the glass. In the wine are the following basic flavors: flowers, fresh fruits, dried fruits, herbs and leaves, the smell of roasting spices. As for the age determination of wine, apart from the color, it is possible to do that by taste. Usually young wine is tart and quite blunt. With age, the taste of the wine is softer, more harmonious and elegant.
An objective evaluation of wine must consider the following tips: morning is the best time to taste the wine, because at this time exacerbated sensitivity, you should not taste the wine after taking alcohol. Remember that coffee, chocolate, menthol candies and chewing gum, nuts, bitter and spicy dishes, and similar products have an adverse effect on the taste of wine and appreciation of the bouquet. In addition, the wine tasting is not carried out after a meal.
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