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Hotel "Chubu"

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Hotel "Chubu"

A new hotel "Chubu" is located in Svaneti, in the andministrative center of Mestia. As many people suppose, Svaneti is the most beautiful place not only in Georgia, but also in the Caucasus.
Here you will find some of the highest mountains of the Caucasus, such as Shkhara (5068 meters), Jung (5060 meters), Gestola (4860 meters), Tetnuldi (4860 meters) and the two-headed rock massif Ushba (4700 meters), as well as many other mountains. Svaneti is also the center of an ancient culture, where are unique monuments of stone architecture of ancient times, such as the medieval Svan towers, hiding places of Svan families, old churches and chapels.

Rooms: 12 rooms. Among them are standard single and double rooms, and also two rooms suits. Each room has cold drinking and hot water, toilet and shower. The hotel offers spectacular views of the mountains Tetnuldi and Laila.

Hotel facilities:
  • Internet
  • Souvenir kiosk
  • Parking
  • Guides and Instructors
  • Babysitting on request
  • The price includes transfer to the cable car
Guaranteed prices for hotel
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Hotel "Chubu" Hotel "Chubu" Hotel "Chubu"
Hotel "Chubu" Hotel "Chubu" Hotel "Chubu"
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