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Wine house "Gurjaani"

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Wine house "Gurjaani"
Gurjaani wine house is located in the center of Kakheti region, in Gurjaani the winey that is located in this house was established in 1864. In this charming house, experienced professionals and iridescent hosts will introduce you to the ancient traditions of winemaking of Kakheti region and the culinary arts.

In the room, called "Marani", stands carved out of a huge tree trunk specifically for wine production vessel called "Satsnaheli" (winepress), which was used for wine making at home with the ancestors
from the date of its production from 1864.

The specialist will tell and show you how the ancestors of Kakheti winemakers produced homemade wine and how to fill them in clay pots, called "Kvevri ", which in this same room, buried in the ground.

In Marani is held Wine Tasting of several varieties of home-made wines.

Here, you can purchase these wines bottled in sealed state and company label. Visitiors can see how to make the Georgian national vodka "Chacha" (about 45 degrees of the fortress) and the local delicacy called "Churchkhela" (walnuts, like beads on a string dipped in boiled wine sauce, and after cooling become of the solid form).

Skilled hostess will show guests how to bake bread Kakheti "Dedas puri" (Mother bread) and how to prepare the national dish - hinkali you will try at the table. Here, on the grill, in front of your eyes, will be grilled Shish kebabs from the fresh meat.

Then all the guests in the large hall, furnished in typical Georgian style, around the fireplace, awaits a real Georgian feast with delicious Georgian dishes and accompanied by a folk group.
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Wine house "Gurjaani"

Wine house "Gurjaani"

Wine house "Gurjaani"

Wine house "Gurjaani" Wine house "Gurjaani" Wine house "Gurjaani"

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