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Health resort in Akhtala

Health resorts
Health resort in Akhtala Health resort in Akhtala Health resort in Akhtala
Akhtala is only mud-cure resort in Georgia. It is located 122 km away from Tbilisi, near Gurdjaani, at an altitude of 312 m. Mud of Akhatala is significant with its consistence of colloids in big quntity, iodine, bromine, lithium and other elements that is not characteristic for mud of sedimentary origin.
The main natural healing factor - volcano therapeutic mud. Akhtala mud volcanoes are located in the basin area of ​​4.5 hectares. From 9 of the largest volcanoes 3-4 act simultaneously. During the eruption of volcanoes along with mud, methane and sodium chloride is released (15-17 g/l) from highly mineralized water that contains biologically active elements - bromine, iodine, barium and others. Akhtala mud ash-gray, has a liquid consistency, specific gravity 1.1-1.2 and is used for mud teraphy (in the form of baths, applications, tampons). For that porpuse mud is heated between 36-48 ° C depending on the procedure. 
The resort Akhtala performed the treatment of patients with diseases of the sensomotoric organs, peripheral nervous system and gynecological diseases.
Sanatorium Akhtala is unique in the world with mud treatment that offers the best service and high quality treatment effect. Mud has been used successfully to treat the following diseases:
  • Diseases of osteoarticular system: arthritis and polyarthritis: saline rheumatoid nodules, specific and nonspecific. Spinal diseases - spondylosis in period of sprains formation and fractures.
  • Diseases of the peripheral nervous system: sciatica, flexion, sciatica - ishiaz. Polio sequelae, paresis caused by cerebral palsy (CP).
  • Diseases of the female genitals that caused the futility: chronic inflammation of the uterus and appendages, their underdevelopment and loss of function; adhesions in the pelvic cavity. Obstruction or lower patency of fallopian tube. 
  • Chronic inflammation of the prostate gland of men, lowering its function;
  • Cutaneous disease, psoriasis, eczema and other.
In Akhtala there is sanatorium for children and adults. Resort season lasts from April until December. Duration of the treatment consists of 10-12 procedures. Together with mud treatments it applied exercises, massage, physiotherapy by modern equipment.

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Rebi Gurjaani 2* near the sanatorium
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