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Tour to Dmanisi

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Tour to Dmanisi
Tour to Dmanisi Tour to Dmanisi Tour to Dmanisi Tour to Dmanisi Tour to Dmanisi
Day 1: Tbilisi - Bolnisi - Dmanisi
In the morning departure to Dmanisi. Excursion in the open air museum, where there are preserved ecclesiastical basilica of VI- VII centuries, restored at the beginning of the XVIII century. The area of the town is about 25 hectares, where from 1991 to 2007 during the excavation, in addition to the Bronze Age burial, human remains of about 1.8 million years old - the representatives of the extinct hominids - Homo georgicus were found. On the territory of Dmanisi the remains of the first Europeans - Zezva and Mzia were found. It is the earliest finding in Europe. On the way to it, excursion to Bolnisi. Visit Bolnisi Sioni - Basilica built in 5 cc. The columns are decorated with geometric carvings, ornaments featuring vegetables and images of birds and animals. Also, in Sioni Bolnisi were found the ancient inscriptions in Georgia dating from the end of the 5th century. Excursion in the Bolnisi museum. On the ground floor is early archeology - mostly Neolithic. There is represented one of the five skulls found in Dmanisi settlement. Return to Tbilisi.

Price includes: transportation, guide and entrance fees.
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