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Tour to Sighnaghi with wine degustation

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Kakhetian tour #1
Tour to Sighnaghi with wine degustation Tour to Sighnaghi with wine degustation Tour to Sighnaghi with wine degustation Tour to Sighnaghi with wine degustation Tour to Sighnaghi with wine degustation
Day 1: Tbilisi - Bodbe - Sighnaghi - Tbilisi
In the morning drive to Sighnaghi. On the way to it, visit in the Bodbe village of the monastery complex of St. George and the grave of St. Nino, that brought Christianity to Georgia. Here is the tomb of St. Nino and it is said that ablution in the holy water of the increate spring near the monastery heals the sick and make miserable people happy. Ablution in this spring is equated in Georgia to Holy Communion. Wine degustation in one of the wine cellar in Sighnaghi. Stroll in the "town of everlasting love" Sighnaghi, that is placed at the top of the ridge, overlooking Alazani valley. Currently it was completely restored to its original form. Visit of the historic -ethnographical museum with the exhibits of V century BC to XIX c. The museum also exhibites paintings of the famous Georgian artist Niko Pirosmani. Visit of the museum-workshop of the handmade carpets and narrow carpets production. You can take part in the process of weaving and buy the carpet you liked. Return to Tbilisi.

Price includes: Transportation, guide, entrance fees and wine degustation.
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