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Tour to David Gareji

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Tour to David Gareji
Tour to David Gareji Tour to David Gareji Tour to David Gareji Tour to David Gareji Tour to David Gareji
Day 1: Tbilisi – David Gareji – Tbilisi
Departure from Tbilisi in the morning. Excursion to David Gareji - Georgian complex of cave monasteries of VI century. The complex, carved into the rocks, consists about 20 monasteries and includes the territory of the three regions of Georgia - Gardabani, Sagaredji and Sighnaghi. Lavra monastery of St. David is considered to be the main monastery. It is located on the northern slope that separates Georgia and Azerbaijan. Boundary runs along the top of the mountain, which is called Udabno by Georgian historians - that is the title of one of the monasteries. This monastery is located on the Azerbaijan territory - on the southern slope. Besides these, on the southern slope there are more than 100 caves, which were used by monks as living cells. Most separated from the border is Bertubani monastery (dating from the XII century), which is located about two kilometers away. In many churches and refectories of the complex frescoes (VI-IX c. ) are preserved, including portrait of Queen Tamara. Return to Tbilisi .
 Price includes: transportation and guide.
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