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Wine plant Château Schuchmann Wines

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Wine plant «Château Schuchmann Wines»
On his travels, wine connoisseur Burkhard Schuchmann discovered Georgia and its longstanding wine tradition. Having traveled countless kilometers across Kakheti and surveyed scores of vineyards along with viticulturists and other experts, he worked out a plan to both ensure and even enhance to European standards the quality of Georgian grapes by applying "sustainable wine-growing and wine-aging methods".
The Château in Kisiskhevi is part of vineyard, nestled within delightful surroundings with a view of the Caucasus. Georgia is the oldest winegrowing country in the world and region of origin for all grapevines cultivated.
You can visit and make up your own mind about the country that looks back over some 7000 years of winemaking tradition; protected from waves of cold air from the North by the Caucasus Mountains and at the same time warmed by the Black Sea. The various climate zones range from a subtropical humid climate in the West to a dry and temperate continental climate in the East.
Today, everyone can not only taste great wine drinks at the factory, but also to visit it. Artful winemaker will acquaint you with the history of the foundation of the plant, will show the vineyards and various departments of the plant, where the wine and champagne is produced and bottled.
Wine plant Château Schuchmann Wines

Wine plant Château Schuchmann Wines
Wine plant Château Schuchmann Wines Wine plant Château Schuchmann Wines Wine plant Château Schuchmann Wines
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