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Freeride in Georgia

Freeride / Freeride
Freeride in Georgia
Freeride in Georgia Freeride in Georgia Freeride in Georgia


Caucasus – is a serious test for the fans of a good rest. If Elbrus – is a terrible dad, Gudauri is an affectionate mother of all existing resorts in the Caucasus ridge. Nevertheless it can give a good lesson.
Our task is to protect you from the possible consequences and show you how attractive can be skiing in Gudauri.
Gudauri is a backcountry paradise with huge expanses of off-piste terrain, making it an irresistible magnet for freeride, backcountry and heliskiing. The opportunities of the region will surprise you. Here you can spend a month in riding and every time trying new slopes and new tracks.
During the training you can learn more about the equipment for freeride and backcountry, about the work with avalanche beepers. You will learn the basic safety rules of riding off-piste, techniques and tactics of passage slopes depending on the terrain and snow. You will get acquainted with the organization of the rescuing activities by the group, weather, snow and avalanche terrain: the influence of various factors on the formation of avalanche terrain, recognition of "avalanche danger signals".
Price in Euro, from
Tour: Freeride in Gudauri
01.12 – 20.02
Routes of different levels of training
from 1 day
01.12 – 20.02
    The tour lasts from 12 to 14 days upon request 
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List of equipment
Freeride skii / snowboard, ski poles, telescopic poles, avalanche detector, avalanche probe, shovel, backpack of 20-35 l volume, avalung or ABS (preferably), helmet, mask, all the rest of equipment identical to the regular ski equipment.
Accommodation conditions
The cozy and comfortable hotels dtarting from 2* in Gudauri village.
You will be accompanied by a guide, for groups of more than 4 people – 2 guides.
Medecine box is with the guide. Almost anywhere can connect with the rescuers. Better to keep about oneself a set of drugs on individual diseases and chronic diseases.
This program is potentially dangerous to the health and life of any of the participants.
The guides will provide you with the necessary security upon condition that you oserve the safety rules. The guide is carrying a walkie-talkie, GPS, mobile phone, group equipment required.
The guides must take measures to ensure the safety of the group on all kinds of mountain terrain. The guide is not responsible for the life of the program participants who violate the safety regulations in the mountains!
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