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Balloon ride

Optional tours / Tours from Tbilisi
Balloon ride
Balloon ride Balloon ride Balloon ride
Day 1: Tbilisi - Alazani Valley / Mukhrany Valley – Tbilisi
Morning departure from Tbilisi.
Usually the flight begins early in the morning, around 6 am because at this time air conditions are most calm and stable. This ensures maximum comfort during the flight and soft landing. There are flights in the evening, but the flight time is shorter compared to the morning schedule.
You will fly at 50 m above the ground and hold conversations with the people standing below, or fly over the mountain tops at an altitude of 2,000 m, while the earth spreads out like a topographic map below you. Flying in a hot air balloon brings you into communion with the Great Mystery!
Active season begins in mid-April, when stable warm weather is established, and will last until the end of October. But if the weather is good we would fly in winter too.
Return to Tbilisi.

F.A.Q. about ballon ride see HERE
The price includes: Tranport service and a balloon ride
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