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Restaurant Tsiskvili

About Georgia
Restaurant Tsiskvili
Tsiskvili restaurant is located outside of the city centre and reminds one more of an open-air museum than an eating establishment. Its territory is magnificent, with an authentic windmill that is still in working order, built into a cliff on the river bank. A number of restaurant tables have been placed on one side the windmill, and as the waterfall crashes downwards right next to you, the feeling is almost like being out in the countryside.
The many artefacts placed in and around the restaurant serve as an illustration of Georgia's history. Among them one can even notice 20th-- century copies of sculptures by Georgian art legend Niko Pirosmani. At the same time, everything remains very tasteful and without any kind of pseudo-national kitsch.
Tsiskvili complex comprises of two restaurants with gorgeous gardens and a waterfall - "Tsiskvili" and "Beer Square". The restaurants offer delicious dishes from the Georgian cuisine. You can enjoy traditional Georgian dances and songs performed by the best music ensembles. The unique architecture of the restaurants will make your visit unforgettable.
Type of cuisine: Georgian;
Menu Language: Georgian, Russian and English;
Live Music: 18: 00-24:00;
Folk dances: 20: 20-22:00;
Opening hours: 12: 00-24:00, til the last guest;
the restaurant has a beer h
all (120 seats), banquet hall (100 seats) and a glass room in the yard (15 seats);
Credit cards accepted;
Free Wi-Fi.
Restaurant Tsiskvili Restaurant Tsiskvili Restaurant Tsiskvili
Restaurant Tsiskvili Restaurant Tsiskvili Restaurant Tsiskvili
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