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Restaurant Phaeton

About Georgia
Restaurant Phaetoni
Visit the Phaetoni Restaurant and experience Georgian spirit along with cordial welcome and incredible hospitality.
Opening the gates into the yard, you can become the witness of how shashlyks are grilled on a spit, watch how Georgian bread is baked in a thone, or the own vodka being distilled in a traditional Georgian way... Here is a cellar furnished with "tabla" low tables, in country style. They can even set the wooden barrel for the meal, you see, some like feasting this way...

There is a large hall, where the walls are depicting Nikala's artworks, and some old, black-and-white photos still blow the air of the 19'ies; some interesting folk items are peacefully resting over the huge, brick fire-place and invite curious visitors to have a closer look on them. Here is also one room called "mughami", decorated in oriental style with lots of carpets, low coaches covered with different cushions of different sized and colors. Fest and banquet halls are separately located at the restaurant.

In the evenings true Georgian spirit resides here. The "Phaetoni" Ensemble performs folk program, while the "Rustavi" dancers perform elegant, powerful and extravagant dances.

Type of cuisine: Georgian;
Opening hours: 10:00, till the last customer;
Entertainment: live music;
Payment credit cards: yes;
Free Wi-Fi.
Restaurant Phaeton Restaurant Phaeton Restaurant Phaeton
 Restaurant Phaeton Restaurant Phaeton Restaurant Phaeton

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