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Poti — is the main harbor city in Georgia at the shore of the Black Sea and the river of Rioni ( in the ancient times - the river of Fazis). The city was build as the fortress for the regional safety at the old place of the ancient greek colony Fazis.
Today Poti divides into two parts by the river Rioni. There are Museum of Colchis culture, Monument of Tsotne Dadiani, Museum of the Sea Harbor of Poti and Museum of Local Lore, History and Economy in the city. There are a lot of interesing monuments, nice arboretum with the unique collection of flora in the city.
Monument of Tsotne Dadiani - in the 1247, the mongols arrested the leaders of the demonstration and took them to the town of Ani, left them tied at the square, where they stayed waiting for the death. One of the participants of the demonstration Tsotne Dadiani, the one who avoided the arrest, on his own free will, went to Ani and sat with his like-minded fellows. The mongols were so surprised that they set free all of the prisoners.

Excursions: to the south of the city are located deserted beaches. There are also the lake of Paliostomi,  Colchis national reserve and  the resort of Maltakva.

Hotels of Poti you can see in the section Poti hotels




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