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General information

About Georgia
General information
Location: South Caucasus, Black Sea coast
Area: 69,700 sq km
Population: 4,630,000 (2006 estimate)
Ethnic communities: Georgians 70%, Armenians 8%, Russians 6.5% Azerbaijanis * 6%, Ossetians 3%, Greeks 2%, Abkhazians 1.5%
Capital: Tbilisi (1.250.000)
Climate: Mediterranean-like on the Black Sea coast. Dry and continental in eastern Georgia
Longest rivers: Mtkvari (Kura), Tergi, Tschorochi, Alazani, Rioni, Enguri
Highest point: Mt. Shkhara 5201m
Official language: Georgian
Form of Governance: Unitary Parliamentary Republic
Independence: 9 April 1991
Religion: Orthodox Christianity 65%, Islam 11%, Catholicism 8%
Time zone: GMT +2, UTC +4, Moscow +2
Electric power: 220 V , 50 Hz; standard double plug
Internet suffix: .ge
Country telephone code: +995
National currency: the Lari (Gel)
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