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The climate of Georgia depends on the region. In the west, the climate is subtropical, and in the east goes from subtropical to temperate. The average temperature in January is changing from +3 to +9 C in the Colkheti Lowland and Adjara, and does not fall below -2 C in the Iberian Basin. However, in the mountainous areas, temperatures can fall up to -16 -20 C. During the long summer, the weather is mostly hot, and the average temperature in August is in range +23 to + 26 C almost in the entire territory of Georgia. Snow falls mainly in the mountainous areas in November and does not melt until late spring. The climate of Georgia is favorable for year-round recreation and treatment, the nature indulges in constant abundance of sun, fresh fruits and vegetables.
Climate of Batumi
Record high, °C23,628,032,233,437,237,641,034,234,334,129,028,3
Average high, °C10,010,212,316,019,123,325,626,323,520,315,812,7
Daily mean, °C6,66,78,812,316,020,222,623,119,916,411,99,0
Average low, °C4,13,85,59,313,117,319,920,316,913,49,16,4
Record low, °C−5,3−7,5−4,9−2,54,68,913,912,97,82,80,0−3,8
Precipitation, mm
Mean water temperature in the sea, °C131110121923262524231914

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