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Georgian national flag and emblem

About Georgia
Georgian national flag and emblem

Georgian national flag and emblem
The national flag of Georgia
Georgian flag was approved in January, 2004. The flag is a white canvas with 5 red crosses, with the St. George's cross located in the center, and four equilateral Bolnisi crosses located in the four squares. The white color according to the heraldry indicates wisdom, purity, innocence, while the red color symbolizes courage, bravery, love and justice. Picture at the State Georgian flag, that is one rectangular cross and four small crosses at the corners, on the silver (white) background is a Christian symbol, that represents Jesus Christ and four evangelists. 
Georgian national flag and emblem
The national emblem of Georgia
Emblem of Georgia is the state symbol of Georgia, approved in the October 1th, 2004. It is a red shield with the silver figure of the patron of Georgia - St. George on the horse, striking a dragon with a spear. The shield is decorated with a golden crown of Georgian monarchical family Bagration, with two golden lions holding it. Under the shield there is a ribbon with the motto "Strength is in unity." This emblem is partly based on the medieval emblem of Georgian royal family of Bagration.

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