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Health resort in Sairme

Health resorts
Health resort in Sairme Health resort in Sairme Health resort in Sairme
Sairme - is a spa resort, located in the south of the town of Kutaisi, in the Baghdad area, at an altitude of 950 m above the sea level, it is famous for its coniferous and deciduous forests, mountain climate, and, most importantly, medical, mineral and thermal waters. For several decades it is an important resort area. There is a clinic and SPA center on the teritory of resort, equipped with the modern devices of one of the leading German companies - "Kraft". It is quite large complex, that will offer you wellness treatments of any type. Sairme resort offers high-quality medical care. The clinic is available to vacationers round the clock, seven days a week.

Sairme also has comfortable buvets with mineral water, an updated power supply unit, cafe-bar and store, landscaped garden, new well-appointed internal roads of the resort, modern spa services, etc.
Approximately in four kilometers from the town Sairme is Udabno. It is a resort with natural hot springs. Today, there is a construction of the ultramodern SPA-center, which has no analogues in Europe.

Mineral water:
  • "Sairme" refers to a carbonate- hydrocarbonate, sodium-potassium type of water. Applied at treatment of diseases of the kidneys, stomach, intestines, liver, and metabolic disorders.
  • "Udabno" is a hydrocarbonate - sulphate and calcium-sodium (8,4-9,7), with low mineralization (0.2-0.3 g / cc. dm). Udabno -is a thermal water, with a small amount of hydrogen sulfide.
Water is used:
  • for the treatment of diseases of bones and muscles: arthritis, polyarthritis, degenerative disc disease, osteoporosis, wound healing;
  • for stomach diseases: gastritis, cholecystitis, hepatocholecystitis, colitis;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • urological problems: cystitis, prostatitis and impotency.
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