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Borjomi – is the most famous regional center of Georgia, a city with a population of 14,000 people, located in the Borjomi gorge at a height of 800 m above sea level. Pleasant, resort, green city in the mountains is famous for its mineral water.  Borjomi – is one of the most famous resorts of Georgia in global significance. Mineral water, the unique nature and the air - these factors allow to speak about a special effect of the treatment in Borjomi. But the real glory of resort was brought by its mineral water. Scientific findings in this area suggest that the therapeutic properties of the mineral waters were known long before AD. Borjomi water at the beginning of the I millennium BC was used only for bathing. Then, an amazing properties for treatment of many internal diseases of Borjomi water were opened.
Borjomi is a gorge city, and therefore all of his buildings are located in a line along the river, so it's a long city, with five kilometers, not counting the suburbs Likani. The city can be divided into the right bank and left bank. The route passes through the entire left bank of the city.
There are City park with a source of mineral water, National park, Local History museum, information center and three fortresses in Borjomi.
Borjomi National Park (better Borjomi-Kharagauli) - is the first national park in the Caucasus. It was opened in 1995, with the help and financial support of the German government. Now it covers an area of ​​85,000 hectares and is considered as one of the largest in Europe. Park complies with the European standards: laid paths, made ​​space for camping, picnics, outdoor fireplace, small houses for overnight stays and so on. At the entrance to the park one must register. Routes in the park, see more.
Local History Museum of Borjomi has three sections. The first floor is the history and archeology, and the second - items from the palace of the Romanovs, the third - a zoological museum.
Hotels of Borjomi you can see in the section Borjomi hotels

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