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Armenia - Georgia - Azerbaijan
Yerevan - Dilijan - Lake Sevan - Yerevan - Echmiadzin - Gyumri - Bakuriani - Kutaisi - Gori - Uplicyche - Mtskheta - Tbilisi - David Gareji - Sighnaghi - Lahodekhi - Skheki - Baku - Hobustan - Baku (13 days, 12 nights)

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1 day: Armenia - capital Yerevan - Matenadaran museum - St. Echmiadzin Cathedral
Arrival to Yerevan. Meeting with the respresentatives of the agency. Excursion in Yerevan.
The capital of Armenia Yerevan - is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is of the same age as Babylon and Rome. Year of the foundation of the city is 782 BC - then king Argishti founded the fortress of Erebuni. On a hill of the Tsitsernakaberd park is located the monument to the victims of the 1915 Genocide. The monument consists of 12 arranged in a circle and bowed slightly to the center pylons. Near is located the 40 m obelisk in the form of a pointed forked pyramid. In 2001, in Yerevan to the 1700th anniversary of Christianity in Armenia was built a magnificent temple of Gregory the Illuminator.
Excursion in the Matenadaran museum. Matenadaran - is a NII and storage of manuscripts (V - XV centuries.), which holds around 17,000 ancient Armenian manuscripts. The last in the program of the day will be a visit to the religious center of the Armenian Church and the UNESCO World Heritage Site - Holy Echmiadzin Cathedral (founded in 303), that is located in the city center and of total area of 80,000 sq.m. Here are located the Cathedral of Saint Echmiadzin (XVI c), the residence of the Catholicos of all Armenians, a seminary, and more. Cathedral of Saint Echmiadzin -is the oldest Christian church in Armenia. It was founded at the beginning of the IV., right after the adoption of Christianity by Armenians. According to the legend, a place to build the temple was mentioned to Gregory the Illuminator by Christ. We'll go to the museum of the cathedral, that holds rare religious artifacts, and visit the evesong (if it coincides with the time of our visit). Arrival to Erevan. Hotel accommodation in Erevan. Dinner in the armenian restaurant and the degustation of the worldknown armenian brandy. Overnight.

Armenia-Georgia-Azerbaijan Armenia-Georgia-Azerbaijan Armenia-Georgia-Azerbaijan Armenia-Georgia-Azerbaijan Armenia-Georgia-Azerbaijan

2 day: Armenia :Erebuni fortress - Garni temple - Gegard monastery
Breakfast. Visit of the Erebuni Fortress, founded in 782 BC by the king of Urartu Argishti (29 years before the foundation of Rome) - this place is considered as the cradle of Yerevan. After that, we will go to the picturesque mountaneus area to the east of Yerevan to fortress complex of Garni (1st century AD).
We will visit the only well kept pagan temple in Armenia. Garni - is a unique monument of the Hellenistic period in Armenia. The temple is dedicated to the sun god Mithra, was built in the second half of the I century AD under King Tiridates I, and has remained after the country adopted Christianity, because of the IV century BC to the III century BC castle was the residence of Armenian kings. The fortress is located on a high rocky cliff and is surrounded by deep gorges.
Unique, carved out the rock monastery Gegard (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Gegard - is an ancient monastery, the first buildings of which were built back in the IV. BC The name "Gegard" means "spear." According to legend, the monastery kept spear that crucified Christ was pierced by one of the Roman guards. Spearhead is kept in the museum of St. Etchmiadzin. Dinner. Overnight.

3 day: Armenia: dungeon Khor Virap - Noravank monastery - mount Ararat - Gyumri
Breakfast. Start your day with a visit to the legendary Khor Virap, dungeons, where for thirteen years St. Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned, who later turned Armenia into the first Christian country in the world in 301. Here, from the chapel, an unforgettable view of Mount Ararat is waiting for us. Our next stop is going to be the famous Noravank Monastery (XIII-th century), located in the canyon of red rocks - one of the most spectacular scenery in the country. We will have the opportunity to taste the best wines in the local Armenian village.Then we will go to north, past Mount Aragats (the highest point in Armenia) in Gyumri, the second largest city of Armenia, which was a center of Armenian culture in the late 19th and early 20th century. We'll walk through the historic city center (old Alexandroupoli), where one can see many buildings from the 19th century. Return to Yerevan. Dinner with great armenian barbeque. Overnight.

4 day: Yerevan - Dilijan - Sevan lake- Yerevan
Breakfast. Arrival to Dilijan. In the city recently was opened Museum of Art, with the broad participation of Russian and Armenian (I.Aivazovskiy, Minas Avestyan, etc.) paintings of the XIX-XX centuries., Western European paintings of the XVII-XIX centuries. (Jean-Baptiste Greuze, master of the Correggio range, the Flemish masters of the XVII century. Etc.) and the artifacts of the archaeological cultures, studied in Tavush, ethnographic collection. Excursion in Goshavanik - Armenian medieval monastery complex of the XII-XIII c.There is the manuscript khachkar in the monastery (view of the Armenian architectural monuments of the stone stele with a cross). Also, the excursion in the armenian monastery Ahartsyn (X-XIII c.). Arrival to the lake Sevan - the largest of the lakes in the Caucasus, is located at an altitude of 1900 m. Monastery Sevanavank is one of the most popular historic sites, located on a peninsula near the town of Sevan in the north western part of the lake. Originally it was located on the island, but due to the low water was formed the isthmus that connected the island with the mainland. Another monastery - is located on the western slope Airivank. Return to Yerevan. Dinner. Overnight.

Armenia-Georgia-Azerbaijan Armenia-Georgia-Azerbaijan Armenia-Georgia-Azerbaijan Armenia-Georgia-Azerbaijan Armenia-Georgia-Azerbaijan

5 day: Yerevan - Borjomi - Kutaisi
Breakfast.Arrival to Kutaisi. On the way, we will try the worldknown mineral water Borjomi from the spring. Excursion in Kutaisi - the city that has has more than 3 thousand years. Visit of the monastery and academy Gelati (XII c.), established by the great georgian tsar David IV the Builder, included to the UNESCO World Heritage Site List.  Overlook of Bagrati Cathedral (XI c.) and "monastery of wish fulfillment" Metsameta. Excursion in the kastr cave  of Prometheus, where by the legend he gave the fire to people and because of that he was enchained to the rock. Dinner. Overnight in Kutaisi.

6 day: Kutaisi - Gori - Uplistsykhe - Tbilisi
Breakfast. Arrival to Gori. Excursion in the Stalin museum. Museum consists of three blocks - museum, house and railway carriage. Excursion to the ancient fortress Goristsihe. Arrival to Mtskheta. On the way to it, excursion in Uplistsikhe (I millennium BC) - an ancient cave town, that was under the reconsruction stage for centuries, and consisted of 700 caves and buildings, including wineries, bakeries, antique theater, reception hall of Queen Tamara, preserved to this day. Hotel accommodation in Tbilisi. Dinner. Overnight. 
7 day: Tbilisi
Breakfast. Excursion in Tbilisi. The capital of Georgia is unique.It stands on the several mountain hills, on which "creep" the old blocks. Tbilisi - is a beautiful river Kura with its picturesque rocky shores, that flows across the whole city.
Tbilisi is one of the rare places in the world, where can peacefully exist in the Old Town orthodox church, catholic cathedra, synagogue and mosque.
"Old Town" - is the historic center of Tbilisi, that is located at the root of Mtatsminda (Holy Mount) mountain. Almost all of the buildings of the Old Town are historical and cultural sites, this part of the city is round - the - clock full of life, here walk alone or in groups tourists, meet lovers near the Clock Tower. This amuzing Tower appeared here recently, built by the Puppet Theatre director Rezo Gabriadze. Here artists exhibit their paintings, artisans offer numerous souvenirs. 
During the excursion, visit of Mechetian Church ( V c.), Narikala fortress ( IV c.), Sioni Cathedral (VI-VII c.), Anchiskhati Basilica of St Mary, the oldest surviving church, Synaxis of Saint Truinity of the temple complex of Tsminda Sameba - the main Cathedral of Georgian Orthodox Church. Walking tour at the Shota Rustaveli avenue. Dinner. Overnight in the hotel in Tbilisi.
8 day: Tbilisi - Mtskheta - Tbilisi
Breakfast. Excursion in the ancient capital of Georgia Mtskheta - the town-museum,  included to the UNESCO World Heritage Site List. Visit of Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (1010-1029), at the bottom of which is buried one of the major Christian relics Lords chiton, as well as the burial place of many of the Georgian kings. Here is also the part of life-giving pillar. Visit of Samtavro monastery, where year round grow, flower and fruit blackberry bush, near of which in the IV century lived and preached St. Nino- enlightener, the first preacher of Christianity in Georgia. Woderworking icon of Iberian Mother of God, woderworking icon of St. Nino, grave of St. Tsar Merian and Tsarina Nani, hallows of St. Abibos Nekresky, St. Shio Mhvimskoho are placed inside. Visit of the ancient temple - monastery Jvari (VI c.). Arrival to Tbilisi. Hotel accommodation. Dinner. Overnight.
Armenia-Georgia-Azerbaijan Armenia-Georgia-Azerbaijan Armenia-Georgia-Azerbaijan Armenia-Georgia-Azerbaijan Armenia-Georgia-Azerbaijan

9 day: Tbilisi - David Gareji - Sighnaghi
Breakfast. Separture to Sighnaghi. On the way, excursion in David - Gareji - the complex of the georgian cave monasteries (VI c.). Many churches and refectories of the  complex preserved frescoes (VI-IXvv.), including Portrait of Queen Tamara. Arrival  to the " city of everlasting love" Sighnaghi. Visit of Monastery complex of St. George and Nino's grave in the village of Bodbe. Georgian wine degustation in the historic 300-year old wine cellar, where the wine is stored in the clay jars buried in the ground. Folklore dinner. Overnight in Tbilisi.

10 day: Sighnaghi - Lagodekhi - Sheki - Baku
Breakfast. Arrival to Azerbaijan. On the way, the visit to Kazan church (XIX c.) in Lagodekhi. City tour of Sheki: Palace of Sheki Khans (XVIII c.) - now a museum, "Caravanserai" - a historical monument of the XVIII-XIX centuries. "Juma Mosque" - the Friday Mosque, built in 1745-1750, historical museum. On the way to Baku we will visit Shekhane: Juma Mosque (XIX c.), observatory after the great scientist N. Tusi, where you can see one of the biggest and oldest telescopes and Deery Baba mausoleum (1402) in Maraza. Arrival to Baku. Hotel accommodation. Dinner. Overnight.

11 day: Baku.
Breakfast. Excursion in Baku: Ateshhiach - the temple of the fire worshipers, the block of the old Baku " Ichery - Shekher", historical and architectural reserve in the city center, in December 2000, it was included to the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage; Maiden Tower (XIIv.), mosque Bibi Heybat (XIIv.) built by Shirvanshahs Abu al-Fath Farruhzadom; Maiden Tower of the Shirvanshahs Palace (XVI c.), where were well preserved mosque, bath and entrance gates. Dinner. Overnight.

Day 12: Baku - Gobustan - Baku
Breakfast. Arrival to the reserve "Gobustan". In 2007, the cultural landscape of the art of Gobustan rock was included in the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage. There are about 6000 images that were created since the Mesolithic period and the Middle Ages. Figures are found mainly in caves and at the ruins of the rocks. Among the pictures, you can find hunting scenes, ritual dances, farming, depict of various animals, boats and various symbolic signs.
Return to Baku. Closing dinner in the folk restaurant.Overnight.
Day 13: Baku
Breakfast.Transfert to the airport for your flight to back home.

Tour price in Euro p/p:
Surcharge for single occupancy
Price includes:
  • Accommodation in 3* hotels: 3 nights in Baku, 3 nights in Tbilisi (Georgia), 1 night in Sighnaghi (Georgia), 1 night in Kutaisi (Georgia), 4 nights in Erevan (Armenia); standard double rooms;
  • HB: 12 breakfasts, 12 dinners including a dinner with national dances and songs in Tbilisi and closing dinner in Baku;
  • Excursions according to the program with english speaking guide (3 guides: one guide in Georgia, another in Armenia, another in Azerbaijan);
  • Transport service according to the program (3 buses: one guide in Georgia, another in Armenia, another in Azerbaijan);
  • Entrance tickets;
  • Wine tasting in Armenia;
  • Wine tasting in Sighnaghi;
  • One gratis for TL in single room.
Price does not include:
  • Flight;
  • Lunches;
  • Services not mentioned above;
  • Personal expenses.
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