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Wine tasting "Teliani Valley"

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Wine tasting in "Teliani Valley"
Joint Stock Company "Teliani Valley" was founded in 1997 on the basis of the wine cellar "Marani wines Teliani", which in the nineteenth century was built in Tsinandali, near the vineyards of Teliani.
Maussane worked in Georgia for nine years and he was the first who began to produce European type wines from local grape varieties. A selection of French grapes was brought to Georgia on his initiative. Among the new varieties in the Teliani valley especially well got accustomed Cabernet Sauvignon, from which Maussane produced a wine called "Teliani."
The company "Teliani Valley" follows Georgian winemaking traditions and at the same time uses the latest technology, knowledge of motivated young professionals. In May 2004, "Teliani Valley" has established a strategic relationship with the "European Bank for Reconstruction and Development", who purchased the shares of "Teliani Valley".
In the production of wine "Teliani Valley" emphasizes the quality of the grapes. The vineyards are located in all the major wine-producing micro-zones of Georgia and its area is 120 hectares. The best wines "Teliani Valley" are produced from the high quality grapes grown in their own vineyards. Our winery is located in the town of Telavi in the Kakheti region, which is the center of winemaking in Georgia, and the main area for the production of wine. Kakheti region is characterized by a moderately humid climate, moderately cold in winter and hot in summer, when the temperature sometimes reaches 31-40 degrees. Brown soil and black soil and alluvial zones are common in Kakheti.
Ideal soil for vineyard and mild climate create best condition for producing one of the best quality wines.
It's more than century that "Teliani Valley" produces wine according to the Kakhetian tradition and European style of winemaking. As the oldest wine cellar of Georgia, we do not forget the ancient traditions to this day, we produce the wine in accordance with traditional Kakhetian rules, in "kvevri" - large clay jars stored in the ground.
How to taste wine read here.
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                                    Price includes: tour and 3 types of wine degustation.

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