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Jeep Tour 2

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Jeep Tour 2
Tbilisi – Mtskheta – David Gareji – Manavi – Sighnaghi – Kvareli – Nekresi – Gremi – Telavi – Ananuri – Gudairi – Kazbegi – Tbilisi – Gori – Kutaisi – Zugdidi – Mestia– Ushguli – Batumi – Khulo – Vardzia – Akhaltsikhe – Borjomi – Tbilisi
14 days, 13 nights
Jeep Tour 2 Jeep Tour 2 Jeep Tour 2 Jeep Tour 2 Jeep Tour 2
Day 1: Tbilisi – Mtskheta – Tbilisi
Arrival to Tbilisi. Meeting with the representatives of the agency. Hotel accommodation. Excursion to the city. The capital of Georgia is unique. Located on several hills, ancient district is spread out on the terraces of the slope. Tbilisi – is a beautiful Kura river with its picturesque rocky shores that flows across the whole city. Tbilisi is one of the rare places in the world, where Orthodox Church, catholic cathedral, synagogue and mosque can peacefully coexist in the territory of Old Town. During the excursion, the list of sightseeing to visit: Metekhi Church (V c.), Narikala fortress (IV c.), Sioni Cathedral (VI-VII c.), Anchiskhati Basilica of St. Mary, the oldest existing church in the capital, Synaxis of Saint Trinity – the temple complex of Tsminda Sameba – the main Cathedral of Georgian Orthodox Church. Next, excursion to ancient capital of Georgia – Mtskheta – the town-museum, included into the UNESCO World Heritage Site List. Visit Temple-Monastery Jvari (VI c.). On the top of the mountain where the temple is placed opens a fantastic view on the place of conjunction of two rivers – Kura and Aragvi. The site has a beautiful view of the ancient capital of Georgia – Mtskheta. Visit Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (1010-1029 ), at the basement of which one of the major Christian relics – Lords Tunic is buried, brought in Georgian by Ellious, Jewish citizen of Mtskheta who witnessed crucifixion. This is the burial place of many Georgian kings too. The pieces of the life-giving pillar is preserved here. Visit Samtavro Monastery, where the blackberry bush grows, flowers and fruits whole year round. St. Nino – the enlightener of IV century – lived and preached nearby. Wonderworking icon of Iberian Mother of God, wonderworking icon of St. Nino, grave of St. King Mirian and Queen Nana, hallows of St. Abibos Nekreseli, St. Shio Mgvimeli are placed inside. Return to Tbilisi. Dinner. Overnight.
Jeep Tour 2 Jeep Tour 2 Jeep Tour 2 Jeep Tour 2 Jeep Tour 2
Day 2: Tbilisi – David Gareji – Manavi – Sighnaghi
Breakfast. Excursion in David Gareji – the complex of Georgian cave monasteries of V century, that were founded by Holy Father David. According to legend, Saint David reached Jerusalem, he took three stones at the gates of Jerusalem, and went back. Legend says that with those stones he carried out from Jerusalem all the good of Lord. Then the Patriarch of Jerusalem caught up with him and asked to leave these stones. David left two stones, and one of them he brought to Georgia. This stone is still at his grave in the Laura of David-Gareji. You can see it and pray over this stone. Many churches and refectories of the complex preserved frescoes (VI-IX c.), including Portrait of Queen Tamara. Then, passing through, acquaintance with the history of the Manavi Fortress (XI century) and the Manavi Temple (XVIII century). The church was built in 1794 by the abbot of the monastery of John the Baptist from the monastery David Gareji - Ephraim. In the 17th century here was located the royal vineyards and the estate of Heraclius II. Stop in the pearl of Kakheti - a private estate "Chateau Fort de Manavi". In the program of the visit: (optional for extra charge) tasting of wines and chacha, produced according to traditional old Georgian technology directly in the marani "Chateau Fort de Manavi" from grapes grown in the estate's own vineyards. The highlight of the tasting will be "Manavi Green" - a wine made from a special grape variety that grows only in the area of the village of Manavi in Georgia. Culinary master class (for extra charge): we will reveal the secrets of cooking mtsvadi (Georgian shashlik), bake dedas puri in tones (bread in a traditional oven) and a local delicacy called Churchkhela (walnuts, like beads, are dipped on a string in boiled in wine sauce and after cooling, in solid form). Dinner in traditional Georgian style. The menu includes only Georgian cuisine from ECO products grown on the "Chateau Fort de Manavi" farm. Excursion in the "town of everlasting love" – Sighnaghi, that is placed at the top of the ridge, overlooking Alazani valley. Hotel accommodation. Overnight.


Jeep Tour 2 Jeep Tour 2 Jeep Tour 2 Jeep Tour 2 Jeep Tour 2

Day 3: Sighnaghi – Kvareli – Nekresi – Gremi – Telavi
Breakfast. Arrival to Kvareli, and visit of the wine warehouse, 7.7 km long with the vinotheque of vintage wines. Optional wine degustation (for extra charge).  Visit Nekresi – the oldest temple of Georgia of IV c. Then, excursion in  Gremi – royal fortress (XVI c.). The complex is surrounded by the wall with towers and embrasures. The remains of the secret underground passage leading to the river still survived. T he complex of Church of Archangels (XVI -XVII c.) is also located there. Then, visit Alaverdi Cathedral (XI c.), the second highest church (more than 50 m) and also monastery cellar. Excursion to the ancient Ikalto Academy (X-XII c.), where the great Georgian poet and philosopher Shota Rustaveli studied. He is the author of the world-known poem "The Knight in the Panther's Skin". Excursion to Telavi – main city and administrative center of Kakheti region with museum in the fortress of king Heraclius II (XVIII c.). He signed Treaty of Georgievsky with the Russian Empire. Hotel accommodation. Dinner. Overnight.
Day 4: Jeep-tour: Telavi – Ananuri – Gudairi – Kazbegi – Tbilisi
Breakfast. In the morning, departure from Telavii in the direction of Stepantsminda (Kazbegi). On the way, we visit the picturesque  Ananuri fortress (XVI c.), located above the Aragvi river and also, attracting visitors with the beauty of Zhinvali reservoir. Pass the ski resort Gudauri (2200 m), the stunning trip along Tergi river, through Cross Pass (2400 m). Visit Stepantsminda (Kazbegi). Excursion in Kazbegi: church of the Holy Trinity of Gergeti (2170 m above the sea level). With fair weather condition there is a chance to take a look of the stunning mountain Kazbegi (5147 m), one of the highest tops of Georgia. Return to Tbilisi. Overnight.
Jeep Tour 2 Jeep Tour 2 Jeep Tour 2 Jeep Tour 2 Jeep Tour 2
Day 5: Tbilisi – Gori – Kutaisi
Breakfast. Arrival to Kutaisi. On the way, visit Gori and Stalin museum. Museum consists of three blocks – museum, house and railway carriage. Excursion to the ancient Goristsikhe fortress, placed on the hill in the city center. Excursion in the ancient city of  Kutaisi, that is more than 3 thousand years old. Visit Gelati monastery and academy, established by the great Georgian king David IV the Builder. The monastery is included into the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Visit Bagrati Cathedral and Motsameta – The monastery “for accomplishment of desires”. Excursion to the  Prometheus castor cave. According to the legend, Prometheus was chained on the rock because he gave fire to humanity. Hotel settlement in Kutaisi. Overnight.
Day 6: Kutaisi
Breakfast. Excursion in the ancient city Kutaisi, that is more than 3 thousand years old. Visit of Gelati monastery and academy, established by the great Georgian tsar David IV the Builder. Gelati Monastery has preserved a great variety of wall paintings dating back to XII-XVIII centuries. Therefore, the most wonderful in the architecture of Gelati complex is its frescoes and mosaics, that return the all gone days and remind us about its creators.Then excursion to the Cathedral of Bagrati that was erected in Kutaisi during the reign of Bagrat III, was named after the first king of united Georgia, as a main palace of the kingdom, was consecrated in 1003. Both Gelati monastery and Academy and Bagrati Cathedral are included to the number of World Heritage sites by UNESCO. Then, visit of the "monastery of accomplishment of desires" Motsameta. Monastery overlooks the Rioni river surrounded by rugged coastal vegetation. The legend says that this small monastery stands on the place of the execution of the Georgian kings David and Constantine Mkheidze by Muslims, because they were faithful to Christianity. Prince David and Constantine are canonized, their relics are stored in a large rectangular ark on a dais in the small hall of the monastery. There is a legend among the tourists, that if you ask the holy princes something, crawl under the ark three times and venerate to their relics, your wish will come true. Excursion to the Prometheus cave, where we recall the legend of Prometheus. According to the legend, Prometheus gave the fire to people, and because of that he was enchained to the rock. The cave is located 5 km northwest of the city of Tskhaltubo. It was discovered in the early 80's of the twentieth century. It is one of the most attractive caves, thanks to its underwater rivers and landscapes. Here are almost all underwater karst forms: stalactites, stalagmites, and others. Overnight.
Day 7: Kutaisi – Zugdidi – Mestia
Breakfast. Arrival to Zugdidi. The treasure of Zugdidi is graceful  patrimonial palace of Dadiani princes, with the nicest park. Currently, it is a museum with magnificent historic collection, including the death mask of Napoleon Bonaparte. The oldest aristocratic family of Dadiani is known for its relation with Napoleon Bonaparte. One of the most precious Christian relics -Cincture of the Virgin Mary is kept in Vlakerna church. It belonged to Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. On the way to Mestia, we can enjoy the fantastic views of four waterfalls and three mountain peaks of the Caucasus – Ushba, Mazera, Shkhelda. Hotel settlement in Mestia. Dinner. Overnight.
Day 8: Jeep-tour: Mestia – Ushguli – Batumi
Breakfast. Excursion in Mestia, that is included to the in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Visit the historic- ethnographical museum, district of medieval church and fortifications in Mestia. Arrival to Ushguli. Excursion in Ushguli – Svanetian village located at an altitude of 2200 m. above sea level, the highest mountain permanent settlement in Europe, included to the World Heritage sites list of UNESCO. Visit of Lamaria church (2300 m. above sea level), Ushguli museum of icons, Towers of Queen Tamara, Ushguli Ethnographic Museum. Arrival to Batumi. Dinner. Overnight.
Days 9-11: Batumi
Batumi – is a "Georgian Singapore", the most famous Black Sea resort of Georgia, with the population of 120 000 people. A visiting card of Batumi is a popular place for the residents and visitors as well – it is Batumi Piazza, built in 2009. In 2010, a new, 7 meters high, moving sculpture of Love became the adornment of the city. The statue is a figure of a woman and a man. They seek for each other, in 8-10 minutes they move in original and beautiful way towards each other and eventually merge as one. Excursion in Batumi: animated fountains (laser show), famous Dolphinarium, Argonauts square with the statue of Medea. Walk along the boulevard. According to your request (Extra charge), visit Gonio Apsarus fortress – the oldest fortress in Georgia situated on the board with Turkey. The fortress was built in I-II century AD, and served as Roman citadel from the beginning and later, the citadel of Byzantine Empire. Total length of fortress is 900 m, walls height – 5 m, the height of each of the eighteen towers is 7 m. Walk in boulevard. Overnight.
Jeep Tour 2 Jeep Tour 2 Jeep Tour 2 Jeep Tour 2 Jeep Tour 2
Day 12: Jeep-tour: Batumi – Khulo – Vardzia – Akhaltsikhe
Breakfast. Arrival to Akhaltsikhe. On the way, v isit Vardzia cave monastery complex (XII- XIII c.) – 19 stepped rock town. Situated 900 m along the left bank of Kura river, in the plumb wall of the mountain, around 600 buildings are cut out – churches, chapels, living caves, storage rooms, baths, libraries. There are preserved secret passages, remains of plumbing, and irrigation system. Vardzia – is the site of Golden Age. More than thousands of monks lived there, and when being attacked, 50 thousand of people could find shelter there. Next, visit recently reconstructed Akhaltsikhe fortress, the motherland of Sharl Aznavur, the ancient center of Catholicism in Georgia. In the complex, together with Orthodox Church of St. Marina, are placed mosque, catholic church and monastery of Benedictine Sisters, synagogue and Armenian church. Hotel accommodation. Dinner. Overnight.


Day 13: Akhaltsikhe – Borjomi – Tbilisi
Breakfast. Departure to Tbilisi. Pass Borjomi. Tasting famous water from spring of Borjomi. Hotel accommodation. Dinner. Overnight.


Day 14: Tbilisi
Breakfast. Free time for the souvenir purchase. Transfer to the airport. Home return.


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Price includes:

  • Hotel accommodation in the 3* hotel with breakfasts, 3 nights in Tbilisi, 1 night in Sighnaghi, 1 night in Telavi, 2 nights in Kutaisi, 4 nights, 1 night in Mestia and 1 night in Akhaltsikhe in Batumi in standard doubles;
  • Dinners;
  • Jeep rental for all days up to 4 people in car.
Price does not include:
  • Guide;
  • Tasting in the "Chateau Fort de Manavi", three types of wine and chacha - 12 euros p/p;
  • Culinary master class;
  • Entrance fees;
  • Flight;
  • Personal expenses.
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