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Georgian cuisine

About Georgia
Georgian cuisine

Georgian cuisine takes its deserved place on the culinary Olympus. Contrary to other nations, for Georgians food is not just an ordinary meal but one of the most important parts of cultural activities. Most Georgian dishes are made of meat. Free from religious prohibitions Georgians use lamb, beef, pork and poultry creating a variety of Georgian dishes, and special herbs - Georgian flavorings – make their taste unforgettable. Georgian dishes Gomi, Lobio, Kharcho, Chakhokhbili, Chanakhi, Khinkali, Satsivi and of course, Georgian Shashlik on the wooden skewers are cooked in different countries as well. Most vegetable dishes are made ​​of beans, eggplant, cabbage and cauliflower, beets, tomatoes. The dishes of greens have to be mentioned! Slightly can Georgian imagine a meal without fresh greens - fruits and vegetables! Therefore greens necessarily present in any Georgian dishes. Georgian cheese deserves special praise. You cannot even imagine how popular cheese is in Georgia! A distinctive feature of Georgian cuisine is frequent usage of cheese and herbs-flavorings in most dishes! Most famous cheese dish is a delicious "khachapuri" – Cheese pie, that is famous in other countries too!

Tbilisi restaurants
Name Location
Old Town or Dzveli Kalaki  
In the Shadow of Metekhi  
Bread House or Puris Khali  
Khinkali restaurant Bulachauri  
Old house  
Old Metekhi  
 Mtskheta restaurants
Name Location
 Kazbegi restaurants
Name Location
Cafe Deka  
 Kvareli restaurants
Name Location
 Akhaltsikhe restaurants
Name Location
Gino Welness Rabath  

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