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About Georgia

About Georgia
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"When God divided the earth among the nations, Georgians were late, enjoying traditional feast, and by the time they came the whole world was already divided. When God asked them what did they drink for, Georgians answered: "For you, God, for ourselves, for the world". God liked their answer. And he told them that although all of the land was handed out, he has saved the small piece for himself, and now he gives it to Georgians. This land, in the words of the Lord, is incomparable with anything for its beauty and people will enjoy and admire it for ever... ".

And so it happened: the beauty of Georgia is impossible to describe, you can only sing about it. This is how Georgians think about it and every time they have an opportunity, they chant on the beauty of their land in its original polyphonic songs and dances.

All in Georgia talks about its greatness and wealth.

The wealth of history is wordlessly shown by the numerous monuments: religious buildings of the early Christianity - ancient churches and monasteries, lost in the Caucasus precititious mountains.

Unique landscapes of this region eloquently "speak" about the wealth of the nature: it is revealed by a unique mixture of all four seasons. At the top of the mountains the snow sparkles, autumn fog with rain and snow prevails in the foothills, in the river valleys the spring flowers and fruit trees bloom, and finally, hot summers prevail among the evergreen trees at the shore of the Black Sea. 

There are legends about the wealth and generosity of Georgian people: the phrase "Georgian hospitality" today stands for cheerful feasts, where in accordance with each glass of the excellent Georgian wine, beautuful Georgian toast is pronounced.

Genuinely, the fertile Georgian land has inspired a lot of great worldknown artists and poets (the great Russian classics, such as Pushkin, Lermontov, Tolstoy, and many others).    

As once Jason travelled to the land of Georgia - ancient Kolkheti (Legend of "Golden Fleece"), today as well, Georgia attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world with the beauty of its nature - clean air, unique coniferous arrays, beautiful mountain lakes, alpine meadows and healing mineral springs, holy places - the unique monuments of early Christian culture, numerous worldwide famous resorts, such as Batumi, Tskhaltubo, Sukhumi, Borjomi, Gagra and many others.

Georgia has a great touristic potential. In the 80-th the number of tourists that visited Georgia raised to 4-5 million people per year. After the independence this number was considerably reduced. The political instability in the country was the reason of it. But today it is all behind and Georgia is open for tourists and travelers from all around the world. The popularity of this trend has rapidly increased the number of visitors and soon it will reach the number of one million tourists per year.

Everything in Georgia is unique, original and exotic. This is the country of high culture, that like a mosaic evolved over the centuries, before it became a national treasure of the country, as precious for the Georgians as their land -  beautiful, rich, long-suffering, but proud and independent.
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